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Connect with your users with Google Search and App Indexing 

Have you considered whether your in app content needs to be presented in Google Search results online? Well you probably should, if it’s good well crafted content and relevant to your audience then get it out there, and of course drive traffic to your app.

How do you keep users engaged and coming back for more once your app is installed on a their devices? Did you know that, according to Google, on average only 26% of apps installed on a user’s devices are used on a daily basis? There are several innovative ways to drive users back to your app. On iOS, you can use NSUserActivity or Core Spotlight to surface your app when the user is looking for related information. You could also use Google’s App Invites (both on iOS and Android) to let existing users recommend your app to their friends. Even if your app fulfills a user’s needs, once they’re searching in a browser, all hope of reconnecting them to it is lost. Until now, with Google’s introduction of App Indexing, which aims to solve this problem by putting your app front and center when users are in Google Search, the world’s most popular search engine.

Available for both iOS and Android as part of Google Play services, App Indexing lets you expose your app content via search result, improving user re-engagement and driving new installs. In this post, I’m going to focus on an Android app that I built to learn all about your favorite monkeys called Monkeys App. With App Indexing, relevant results from my app will show in search results to deep link to content in it without requiring any navigation. In addition to this, relevant Google searches will now show search results from your website, along with a big button prompting users to install your app, which can lead to more downloads. For users who already use your app, users can re-engage quickly by navigating directly to your app from search results, and even appear on Android M’s Now on Tap.

I’m going to show you how to easily integrate Google’s App Indexing SDK into the Monkeys App for Android and its companion website in just a few minutes. App Indexing is also available to integrate into iOS applications, which you can learn more about on the Google Developer portal and the App Indexing iOS component….

Source: Connect with your users with Google Search and App Indexing | Xamarin Blog

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